Reduce Belly Fat in 2019!

power yoga

by Rajvinder Singh
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Well, physical exercise is basically required in this day to day busy life of technology.

Exercise is very essential for an individual to perfect his physic.

My workout includes of weight training, cardio training, power yoga and following a healthy diet.

My training starts with weight training on Monday, the workout includes of chest, shoulder, triceps.

It includes dips, then bench (inclined, flat and declined) then dumbbells (front raises, side lateral, vertical raises). The workout ends with stretching exercise. (3sets each)

The next day i prefer doing heavy cardio-workout of running on treadmill for 20 mins and then cycle followed by cross trainer for 15 mins respectively. then a 5 minutes break and finally abs training.

The next day i workout for legs including scouts and other basic exercise with ab training.

I repeat this training alternatively and practice yoga every weekend

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