Reduce Belly Fat in 2018!

strategies for building muscle

by Roger Oliveira

We all certainly struggle to find that perfect routine which allows us not only to reach our best physical form but also to maintain high levels of motivation.

I usually like to begin by starting my blood flow... I read somewhere that such a thing is absolutely fundamental in order to maximize your efforts (and who am I to question that?), and nothing like a quick paced 10 minute jog for that.

I must insist that (as I) you do that outdoors, so as not to feel constantly trapped in a smelly hot gym reeking of B.O.

Next, to the gym, where I like to concentrate in one muscle group at the time.

The reason I do that is (as you all may or may not know) at the end of the workout the muscle group we work on is usually swollen due to all the blood that flowed into it.

So, at the end of the session you not only feel the "pain" but you can also see the gain (as your muscle will look like it has grown in a matter of hours - hence the motivation levels I previously referred).

Of course, once you have your much needed rest and the muscle swelling is allowed to subside, you will see that your muscle returned (more or less) to its size, but since you concentrate in one at the time, you will have enough energy to work on another muscle group, in another day.

Also by working them thoroughly, I strongly feel that in the long run, you will see the best results. At least that's true for me (and I say that after much trial and error).

By doing muscle building while including an intense jog in my workout routine I keep my body fat levels in check (and the same should be true for everyone else provided you don't go on a fast food binge every time you feel like it).

Sure it takes some effort to break a sweat 3 or 4 times a week, but I feel like it is, in fact, well worth the effort.

At least when the summer returns!!

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