Reduce Belly Fat in 2018!

Treadmill weight loss

by Amrit
(Kolkata, W.B., India)

Regular exercise is demanded by the bodies of every individual; though everyone has his/her own preferences.

I too want to build my muscles and have powerful biceps. But at the moment, since I am a little overweight, I have to concentrate more on losing the extra pounds from my body.

I love to run on the treadmill everyday and lose about 300 calories each time.

I do this twice daily and end up losing more than 600 calories.

Before climbing the treadmill, I drink about half a liter of water because there is a lot of sweating involved while working out on the treadmill; hence, it is important to have adequate water content in the body in order to prevent dehydration.

Treadmill is a machine that enables jogging and running. Walking can also be done at a certain degree of inclination.

During the initial days when I was massively overweight, I used to keep the treadmill inclined and then walk. This boosts the pace of loss of calories.

After about two years on continuous workout on the treadmill, it has become my favorite exercise. I have totally become addicted to treadmill. It has enabled me to lose weight on all parts of the body.

Today, I look extremely fit thanks to my treadmill.

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