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Upper body workout routine

by Matthew

I actually hurt myself in week 3 of this workout because I tried to lift too much, too soon.

My form was bad and so I pulled something. This is when I learned how important good form is while you're are using these heavy resistance workouts

Pick a weight that is heavy enough to get you to your desired reps, but also makes it possible to use correct form while you do it.

This workout has a lot of variation to it which keeps it fun and interesting, but by the end of it you are toast

But you really do get a great burn from this workout which will leave your shoulders and arms aching for the next couple of days, but in a good way.

Shoulders & Arms is one of my favorite workouts because of the flow of the workout, you barely even notice the time because you are so engrossed in what you are doing.

The benefits of this upper body workout are really starting to show on me, especially my triceps which before this have always been stubborn and not wanting to show through.

Shoulders & Arms includes a lot of pulling, pushing, and curls, one after the other.

And because of the variations in the routines you will also be changing between different weights in order to get you to your desired rep count.

If you want to look great at the beach, then this is the workout that pumps those glamour muscles to the extreme.

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