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Weight Loss Tips
At Restaurants

Here's some easy weight loss tips at restaurants to keep your dining from becoming dangerous for your waistline.

Before you go

  • Do your homework by looking at restaurant menus online or check takeout menus.

  • Get calorie information about your favorite dishes.

  • Look for new taste treats that are low calorie.

  • Find restaurants that have extended salad bars of fresh low calorie vegetables where you can keep the salad dressing on the side.

  • A great way to learn these weight loss tips at restaurants is to practice at home.

  • Learn portion sizes at home. One serving of potatoes is one half cup--visualize one half of a tennis ball. One serving of meat is three ounces--visualize three small matchbooks.

  • Practice dining at home with low fat soup and a large low-calorie salad with a low fat dressing on the side. Practice makes it easier to choose those items when you dine out.

Ordering low calorie meals

  • Ask for calorie information. It's not uncommon for a restaurant meal to contain enough calories for one person for a whole day.

  • Avoid the bread. One slice can be 100 extra calories. One teaspoon of butter or oil can be 50 calories.

  • If the bread is a signature of the restaurant, enjoy it, but let your entree be a low fat soup and skip any dessert.

  • Restrict high calorie alcoholic drinks or drinks loaded with sugar.

  • Do they have a diet menu? Choose a low calorie selection. but watch out--many low calorie selections do not include the calories of dressing, bread, or side dishes in their calorie count.

  • Choose one or two non-fried interesting appetizers rather than an entree. Avoid oil marinated appetizers.

  • Have a clear broth soup before your entree or, even better, in place of the entree.

  • Eat only baked, steamed, boiled, broiled, or grilled foods.

  • Avoid all fried foods or creamy sauces.

During your meal

  • Extend the pleasure of your meal by starting with a pot of green tea. Refill as needed.

  • Take control of your portion size by dividing an entree in half as soon as it is brought to the table. You can share with a friend or put it into a "to go" box immediately.

  • Restrict second servings to low calorie fruits or vegetables.

  • Skip desserts or only have one spoonful of a shared dessert.

  • Eat slowly and enjoy your friends and family.

Friends help

  • One of the hallmarks of cultures with less overweight people are longer meals. Thin people talk more and eat less.

  • And after dining, they take a long walk with their friends.

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