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Weight Loss Tips
On Vacation

Weight loss tips on vacation

Whether you're on a cruise ship...

driving to a campground...

at the beach...

seeing Disneyland...

backpacking in the mountains...

or staying in an elegant hotel to explore a world famous city...

you can still avoid putting on those extra vacation pounds.

It's easy when you combine both preparation and relaxation.

Here's some stress-free ideas to help

  • Move more, and eat less.

  • Find new places to visit and walk to them. Skip a meal to find the time.

  • Walk, swim, bike, climb a little farther each day of your vacation.

  • Find local farmer's markets and shop for healthy low calorie fruits and munchy vegetables. Have them for lunch and snacks.

  • If you're driving on your vacation,diet tips include packing a cooler of bottled water and your own green tea. Carry matcha packets when you have to make your own.

  • Make some calorie controlled packages for snacks. For example, carry one orange and ten raw almonds, one low fat string cheese and four crackers.

  • Keep a high quality meal replacement bar from the Clinically Proven Medifast Meal Replacement Diet for emergencies. That way you have controlled calories and optimized nutrients.

  • Try to have low-fat salads for lunch and dinner to add fiber and reduce calories. Ask for the dressing on the side.

  • Vacation meals can be filled with high fat and high sugar temptations in oversized portions. Learn to ask about the ingredients. Control the calories of your portion size by taking half your selection with you to eat later.

  • Keep your healthy morning and bedtime routines from home. Stretching, short workouts, and a green tea breakfast can help make the rest of your day more enjoyable.

  • If you allow yourself a high calorie splurge during your vacation, make it one time only. Then pick the best and enjoy.

  • Take a break at a local tearoom. Over four billion people drink tea every day. Being on vacation is a great time to learn about their favorite tea varieties and brewing customs.

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