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yoga positions for beginners

by Balachandran
(Palkkad India)

Every man wants happiness. He shuns pain. No one teaches anyone to seek happiness. It is the inherent nature of everyone to seek happiness...

The exercises develop not only the superficial muscles of the body but also the internal organs such as liver spleen, pancreas, intestines, heart, lungs, brain and endocrine glands.

The exercises are generally called yoga asana. Daily in the early morning practice these exercises for about 30-45 minutes.

First move the neck up and down next, rotate right to left and left to right.

Next is for shoulders move front and back.

Then rotate Hands then palm movements. Hip rotation. The exercise for knee.

Then cat stretch (Magara asana) , Child pose (sisuasana) Thitheli asana(Butterfly pose), cradele the baby act

After this lay down ( facing down)posses of Ardhasalabasab, Poornaasana, Bhjangasan, Viberathsalbasaba and Makarasana.

Followed by facing up such as Boat posture, artha pavan mukthsana, poorna pavan mukthsana and cycyling posture. At the end, do the yoga nithera.

Each pose or asana be done for 5 to 8 times. Along with this exercise follow the breathing methods. These exercises are taught by an authority.

My experience shows that after doing the exercises for about 20 days my fasting blood sugar level come down and walking stamina increase I felt very happy mood throughout the day. Many other people are also reported the same story.

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