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Mauna Kea Tea, Big Island, Hawaii

by Kimberly Ino
(Honokaa, HI USA)

My husband and I operate a tea farm on the northern Hamakua coast, Big Island, Hawaii.

Many people ask what kind of tea we are growing and most don't realize that a plant can produce teas ranging from green to black and even white or puer.

We specialize in green and oolong tea with quality that ranges from vintage premium to premium, and standard, and we make one flavored (roasted) tea.

We offer farm visits (with charge) by appointment at (808) 775-1171 or (808) 775-1011 where one can see a bit of what it takes to produce traditional tea. We are a single estate, mom and pop operation, and we sell online at Mauna Kea Tea.

Notes from

The Mauna Kea Tea Garden is an artisan farm that offers a selection of their own green teas which include premium, sweet roast, and a first flush (currently sold out).

This plantation uses natural farming practices adjusted to local conditions so the green tea flavors will be totally unique.

The owners are preserving the surrounding native Hawaiian Ohia forest, and working to breed tea varieties and cultivars for their specific location on the Big Island. They have been influenced by natural agricultural philosophies. "Permaculture, Nature Farming and Biodynamic farming all pointed me in a new directions, but the book “One Straw Revolution” by Masanobu Fukuoka left a deep impression on me."

They farm according to techniques developed by Mokichi Okada, known as the founder of Japanese natural farming without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

After you try their chemical-free teas, you may also want to explore other organic green teas here.

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