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Prostate Cancer Diet

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Prostate Cancer Diet: Tomato Powder For Prostate Cancer

A new study has shown dramatically reduced risk of prostate cancer with enhanced tomato powder.

Animals given chemically-induced prostate cancer survived for 40 weeks. If they were given plain dehydrated tomato powder in their food, they survived for 50 weeks. And, if they were given tomato powder enhanced with FruHis, they survived 51 weeks.

FruHis is a fructose-histidine ketosamine compound from many dried fruits and vegetables that has metal chelating and antioxidant properties.

Only 10% of the tomato powder plus FruHis animals had prostate cancer tumors on autopsy. 30% of the tomato powder animals had tumors and 60% of the control animals had tumors.

Further evaluation has shown that FurHis and lycopene (from tomatos) together showed 98% reduced risk of prostate cancer cell growth (Mossine V, Interaction of Tomato Lycopene and Ketosamine against Rat Prostate Tumorigenesis, Cancer Research, June 2008).

Green tea shows 91% reduced risk of prostate cancer

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Prostate Cancer Diet: Cruciferous Vegetables For The Prostate

Even one serving of cruciferous vegetables a week was enough to reduce the risk of aggressive prostate cancer in a new study.

While previous studies have shown inconsistent results when looking for an association between fruit and vegetable intake and risk of prostate cancer, a new study from Cancer Care Ontario in Toronto, Canada, has found that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are associated with decreased risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

The highest usage group of men ate at least one serving cauliflower or broccoli each week and the lowest usage group ate less than one serving a month.

When the two groups were compared, there was 52% reduced risk of cancer for cauliflower and 45% reduced risk of cancer for broccoli in the highest usage group (Kirsh VA, Prospective study of fruit and vegetable intake and risk of prostate cancer, Journal National Cancer Institute, August 2007).

Green tea intake has also shown reduced risk of prostate cancer with highest usage and longest usage groups showing reduced risk up to 91%.

Seems like an easy plan--green tea every day and cruciferous vegetables more than once a week.

Inexpensive, too.

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Prostate Cancer Diet: Tidings Of Tea And Tomatoes

Most men don't wake up in the morning planning to include green tea and red tomatoes in their meals that day.

But if they want to reduce their risk of prostate cancer, they may want to consider just that.

A new study from China examined the diets of 130 prostate cancer patients and a group of matched controls.

The men who drank the highest amount of daily green tea had a significant 86% less prostate cancer. These findings are similar to other green tea prostate cancer studies.

Also the men who had the highest daily intake of lycopene, a red carotenoid (part of the Vitamin A and beta-carotene family) found in tomatoes, had a significant 82% less prostate cancer (Jian L, Asia Pac Journal Clinical Nutrition, 2007).

This study is small and considered preliminary.

But it's enough to make a guy think twice.

If you're offered green tea and red tomatoes, don't say "yuck!" You might want to say "yes!"

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