Reduce Belly Fat in 2019!

Your Weight Loss Tips For Women

Here's a great list of the best weight loss tips for women:


  • Write down the reason you want to be slim and healthy on a slip of paper. Review it every day.

  • Losing weight for a future event like a wedding or reunion can be motivating. Just make sure that there is another event after that and make sure you have a bigger reason to stay healthy for the rest of your life.

  • Boost your level of commitment. Linda Spangle in 100 Days of Weight Loss asks for you to decide if you're just interested in losing weight or committed to losing it.

  • Get a small notebook, a food diary, or a way of keeping records that works for you. Include space to plan for your new bikini body and monitor your new slimming action steps.


  • Learn more weight loss tips for women from other people. Find a healthy, lifetime approach to weight control that works for you, whether it is a physician monitored program, or

  • Learn from your own body. Make sure you pay attention to guidelines for your own age group.

  • Learn how to customize your program as you go. Monitor your own successes and failures. Then increase the successes and reduce the failures.


  • Get a dieting buddy. You may need several people in your support network--some for different kinds of regular exercise, some to talk with, and that one person you can call anytime and talk about anything.

  • Join a group to get more weight loss tips for women. If you can't make it to meetings, participate online in groups. You need to know someone else has the same problems as you and how they solved them. Share your own successful weight loss tips for women and pay it forward.

  • If your metabolism has slowed down, add more daily exercise.

  • Get a pedometer RIGHT NOW! Increasing your daily movement is one of the healthiest things you can do. Get those 10,000 steps in daily. Then try for more.

  • Make fun physical activities part of your everyday life, not just a chore.

  • Get some help counting calories.

  • Learn about counting calories for an anti-aging diet.

  • You may also want to try the Hot Latin Diet by adding more spices, clean jalapenos, red peppers, and cinnamon.

  • U. S. guidelines say that you should eat 9 servings of vegetables and fruits daily. Each serving is an easy 1/2 cup. Select a rainbow of health from low calorie vegetables, and low calorie fruits.

  • If you have trouble with water retention, or bloating, add more cucumber, asparagus, or watermelon for a gentle diuretic.

  • Avoid high-sodium processed or canned foods. Don't add salt at the table.

  • Reduce high calorie alcohol in your life. You don't need the alcohol or the calories. If you drink wine, try limiting yourself to 4 ounces of a good red wine per day.

  • Give yourself a few breaks daily. Put your troubles on the back burner, heat up the water in your teakettle, and make a cup of fresh loose leaf green tea. By the time you've refreshed yourself with your green tea break, you may have solved some of those problems without adding calories.

  • Every woman's life and body are different. Don't be afraid to change dieting programs after a reasonable effort.

  • Clean high calorie foods out of your kitchen pantry. Don't buy any more.

  • Let go of the fat clothes as soon as they are too big. Get them out of your life permanently. Don't look back.


  • Teach your family and friends the best weight loss tips for women that you have learned. Share the reasons they work.

  • Teach your family how to change their grocery shopping habits and restaurant selections.

  • Have new cooking sessions where you do calorie makeovers on some family recipes.

  • Teach your family about the importance of keeping a healthy body with a great diet and daily exercise.

  • And remember--your diet starts RIGHT NOW!

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