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The discovery of the Anti-aging diet

In 1934, Dr. Clive McCay of Cornell University, New York, discovered a simple diet that extended the maximum life span of rats from 33 months to 47 months.

Over the last 74 years, research has confirmed that this diet similarly extends life spans among single cell protozoans, worms, spiders, fish, other rodents, and currently with primates.

In addition to the tremendous increase in average life span and maximum life span, this anti-aging diet almost eliminates chronic diseases including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and many cancers.

At the same time, individuals on this anti-aging diet remain youthful in appearance and activity their whole lives.

Healthy adults who are interested in trying this diet need to learn some new lifestyle rules and practice them.

People with existing health conditions or chronic diseases must consult with their physicians prior to any lifestyle changes as their treatment programs will have to be adjusted as they become healthier (some medications could be reduced within a matter of days).

There are a lot of benefits to this diet and it doesn't cost a fortune.

But it's not easy.

What's the secret of the anti-aging diet?

This diet is called calorie restriction with optimal nutrition.

Researchers (like Drs. Walford, Masoro, Weindruch, and many others) studying this diet reduced daily calorie intake in adult animals by 30% to 50%.

At the same time, they made sure that they provided all necessary macronutrients like protein, complex carbohydrates, necessary lipids, and fiber, as well as micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and phytochemicals.

Not anorexia or starvation. Not for children or pregnancy.

This diet is definitely not starvation or anorexia where both calories and nutrients are severely restricted.

This life-extending diet requires optimal nutrition while only restricting the energy component of the diet--the calorie.

Also, this diet is never for children, women who are or might be pregnant, or genetically damaged adults.

How does calorie restriction life extension and anti-aging work?

There are many hypotheses and theories of aging, such as a biological clock, hormone production, and antioxidants. But none of these ideas account for all the improvements seen in calorie restriction optimal nutrition anti-aging diets.

Cardiovascular systems, including blood pressure and cholesterol improve.

Immune systems improve.

Hormonal systems remain active.

The nervous system, especially the brain, stays healthy.

Currently, researchers are finding that at least 20% of an organism's DNA reacts to this dietary change. They are tracking the involved genes, checking them, one by one, to see which genes are turned on and which are turned off.

Overall, this anti-aging diet seems to turn off a wide variety of metabolic processes that squander energy and create life-threatening damage, while at the same time, turning on more efficient, rejuvenating metabolic processes.

The benefits stop rapidly if the calorie intake returns to previous levels

This diet's effectiveness depends on consistently controlling calorie intake while maintaining optimal nutrition.

For a very long time.

Every researcher has realized that if they wanted to benefit themselves, they would have to eat differently. Being human, they have explored every other possible way to achieve the life extension and anti-aging benefits while still being able to eat anything and everything they wanted.

But nothing else works. Only calorie restriction while maintaining optimal nutrition.

That's it. No gimmicks, no patented products, and no way out.

Are adults trying this life extension diet?


Scientific researchers, government programs, and individuals are working with calorie restriction with optimal nutrition. Of course, because human lives are longer, it will obviously take hundreds of years to prove absolutely that this dietary procedure will work with people as it has with all other species tested.

Just think about what you might achieve and contribute during a long and healthy life.

The calorie-restricted optimal nutrition dietary approach to long-term health takes some work, but your value to yourself, family, loved ones, and the world make it worth considering.

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