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Seven Weight Loss Tips For Comfort Food

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We all need weight loss tips for comfort food

Doesn't everyone remember a time

...when we all "screamed for ice cream?"

...were desperately seeking macaroni and cheese?

...really needed a chocolate chip cookie and milk?

Most comfort foods evoke fond childhood memories.

But they also represent a time when we didn't have to count calories, sugars, fat, or nutrients.

Making healthier choices

Retraining ourselves with lower calorie, healthier choices is easier than giving up all emotional attachments to foods.

Here are seven ways to help:

  • Substitute ingredients. Practice replacing butter with cream, replace cream with half-and-half or evaporated skim milk, replace half-and-half with 2% milk, replace 2% milk with nonfat milk. Replace jams with whole fruit. Replace cooking oils with fruit or vegetable purees. Replace fatty meats with lean chicken or turkey.

  • Makeover favorite family recipes. Calculate the calorie count of the recipe. Start reducing the fat and sugar in the recipe. Add stronger flavors. Keep trying until it is satisfying. And watch that portion size!

  • Don't use food to medicate emotions. Emotions are part of life. Keep a daily food diary including how you feel when you want comfort food. Take the time to describe those feelings. Seek counseling if you have serious problems.

  • Don't use food to reduce stress. After you eat, the stress is still there and you are fatter. Try walking, dancing, talking to people, deep breathing, or simply count to 100.

  • Ask yourself "Am I as hungry as if I'd been without food for a week?" If not, then skip the high calorie food.

  • Create new comfort food habits. There's always a new low calorie food that you might love. Green tea is a great choice with lots of variety, healthy antioxidants, and 0-2 calories per cup.

  • Develop a new passion for something besides food. Keep your brain and body alive with new interests for life.

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