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Reducing Sugar In Tea

Sugar in tea

Do you take your tea with sugar?

Drinking sweetened beverages may reduce your chances of long term weight loss and management.

A new study has found that reducing beverages sweetened with sugar was significantly associated with weight loss at 6 months and 18 months.

In a survey of 810 adults participating in an 18-month behavior modification trial, researchers found that reductions in sugar-sweetened beverages were more effective for weight loss than reductions in calories from solid food (Chen L, Reduction in consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with weight loss: the PREMIER trial, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, April 2009).

Sugar-sweetened beverages have included soft drinks, sweetened fruit drinks, fruit punches, sports drinks, energy drinks, high calorie beverages with sugar, and even healthy smoothies or zero calorie coffee or tea that have added sugars.

Drink Less Sugar
Drink Less Sugar
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Worried about the taste of tea without added sweeteners?

You can wean yourself off sugar in tea by exploring green tea varieties with hundreds of new tastes .

If you still need a sweet tea, other choices include adding a sprig of stevia. Some may choose artificial sweeteners.

You can also learn to modify beverage recipes, such as iced tea by choosing fresh fruits for sweeteners rather than concentrated simple sugars.

Calories in sugar

A teaspoon of most sugars and natural sweeteners contains around 30 calories.

So if you are drinking 5 cups of green tea for your health daily, and using 1-2 teaspoons sugar in each cup, you could be adding 150-300 extra calories a day, just from sugar in tea.

Those sneaky calories could cause you to gain 1-2 pounds every month.

Remember, reducing calories while keeping optimal nutrition is a great anti-aging diet choice.

Check out different green tea varieties available below for new taste treats.

Try them unsweetened for their own natural flavor.

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