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Super Size Me Movie:  Updated Research

Have you seen the Super Size Me Movie?

It's an Academy Award nominated documentary.

One man, Morgan Spurlock, decides to eat only fast food from McDonald's for 30 days. All breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, and snacks were fast food.

He also ate every item on the McDonald's menu at least once during the month. He had to eat any meal "supersized" if offered.

He included a 5000-step daily walking plan that was mandatory and made sure he ate a McDonald's salad at least once every 10 meals.

Within a few days, he had

  • upset stomachs,

  • vomited,

  • got depressed,

  • became addicted according to doctors,

  • had heart palpitations,

  • lost his sex drive,

  • put on 25 pounds of weight over 30 days,

  • and ended up with liver damage.

It took him 14 months to take off the 25 pounds he'd put on.

But was that just one person's experience?

A new study in Sweden put 12 healthy men and six healthy women on a diet designed to double their calorie intake by adding only two fast food meals daily.

Blood samples were taken periodically to measure alanine aminotransferase (ALT) liver enzymes to check for liver damage.

Compared to controls, the average weight gain in the fast food group was 14.3 pounds over 30 days.

One person gained 26.4 pounds in just two weeks.

After one week of increased calories from fast food, liver enzymes (ALT) showed increased liver damage.

After 30 days, the average liver enzymes showing liver damage more than quadrupled.

Triglycerides more than doubled (Kechagias S, Gut, 2008), and general indicators showed increased potential risk of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Both the Super Size Me movie and this experiment involved increased calories only and are not testing low calorie fast food choices.

If fast food is getting to you, here's some information about the anti-aging advantages of low calorie choices like green tea.

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