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Easy Weight Loss Tips
At Parties

Avoid post-party plump by using these easy weight loss tips at parties.

Before you arrive:

  • Plan to socialize. That's the reason for the party. Think of some good ice-breakers.

  • Eat an extra serving of high fiber like oat bran or an apple about an hour before arriving at the party.

  • Brush your teeth rigorously.

  • Use a strong but pleasing mouthwash. Keep some low calorie breath mints with you and use them whenever you feel tempted to overeat.

During the party:

  • Drink water or green tea only.

  • If you have to have alcohol, restrict yourself to low calorie alcohol choices like a single four-ounce serving of red wine or champagne, avoiding hard liquor or mixed drinks. Then, for the rest of the party, drink water or green tea only.

  • Always keep a glass of water with a wedge of lemon or lime in your hand to avoid taking a high calorie drink or being offered one.

  • If all the food is at a buffet table, try to mingle with people away from the table and keep those dangerous calories out of sight and off your belly.

  • If food is served while seated, make sure you are prepared with interesting topics of conversation.

  • Munch on the low calorie fruits and low calorie vegetables. Enjoy the taste without high-fat sauces or dips.

  • Meet new people. Let the conversation flow.

  • Parties are only a few hours--you can make it.

After the party:

  • Brush your teeth as soon as you get home.

  • Record your calories and make adjustments to restore your desired intake within a day or two.

  • Remember the best moments and your new friends.

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