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Weight Loss Tips
For Cooking

Why are weight loss tips for cooking important?

Because you're in charge of the calories. Learning to cook with lower calories is one of your greatest advantages for managing your weight.

Here are some easy do's and don'ts.

Skinny cooking do's

  • Do use measuring spoons and cups. Measure ingredients accurately before cooking, and measure portions before serving.

  • Do increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables in every recipe you can. For example, add an extra cup of chopped celery to your soups. Add an extra cup of shredded squash to pasta primavera.

  • Do learn to cook low calorie soups and prepare salads with low calorie dressings.

  • Do plant a year round herb garden outside.

  • Keep a kitchen herb garden inside next to your kitchen window.

  • Do make a pot of green tea to drink while preparing meals to help reduce snacking.

Skinny cooking don'ts

  • Don't use a new recipe that is high calorie, loaded with unnecessary fats or sugars.

  • Don't use favorite recipes until you can do a low calorie recipe makeover. Check out these Cooking Light cookbooks for more ideas.

  • Don't deep fry anything.

  • Don't forget that green tea has only 0-2 calories per cup. It's an easy and healthy very low calorie choice.

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