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Weight Loss Tips At Work

Weight loss tips at work

What kind of food are you most likely to find on your job?

Salad bars with lots of fresh healthy low calorie vegetables? Or packaged chips and candy bars from vending machines?


It's vending machine food.

Even large companies with on-site cafeterias can concentrate on inexpensive food that is usually high in fat or sugars, or offer fast food.

If your job is sedentary, then you've spent most of your day with very few calories burned and probably lots of calories consumed.

Too many calories in and not enough calories out can spell more pounds gained and more belly fat

Change is super-easy!

You can maintain a healthy lifestyle at work as long as you remember one're in control.

Here's some of the top diet tips on the job:

  • Bring your own food. Bag or box your lunch and include 100 calorie snack packages.

  • Snacks can be as simple as an apple, one piece of string cheese and 4 small crackers, a clinically proven Meal Replacement bar , or baby carrots with 2 slices of deli herbed chicken.

  • Got a microwave at work? There are a lot of delicious calorie controlled frozen entrees available now.

  • Keep your food out of sight until the clock says it's time for your break.

  • Keep a mug of freshly made green tea handy and sip all day long for balanced energy and stress reduction.

  • Work on drinking those 8 daily glasses of water at work.

  • Worried about those donuts, birthday cakes, and pizza events? Notice the people who graciously decline to partake of the high calorie foods. Practice their techniques at home and use them everywhere.

  • Keep exercise on your mind. Take the long route on a bathroom break.

  • Use the stairs. If you're out of shape, start with one flight of stairs.

  • Take your snack break by walking around the block.

  • Start a support group and share your own weight loss tips at work. Diet competitions at work are very popular. Contribute $5 a month for a pool for the winner to help motivation.

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